All responsible companies in the planet are facing the challenge of building a model of sustainable development allowing a right balance between economical growth and environmental impact. Our company declares it self strongly committed with the construction of such a development model.

The policy of environmental management of the Company is based in the following decalogue:

  1. To preserve the natural resources reusing and recycling materials, buying recycled materials and using recycled packaging.

  2. To use processes of development and manufacturing that no affet negatively to the environment, including the develoopment and improvement of operations and technologies which minimize waste, avoid wáter and air pollution, minimize risks for health and allow the elimination of residues in a safe and responsible manner.

  3. To ensure a responsible use of the energy in all activity areas of the company, imporving the efficiency in its use.

  4. To improve continuously the environmental management system of the company and its practice.

  5. Comply the environmental laws.

  6. To study the environmental impact of the new projects of the company..

  7. To promote among our staff the fulfilment of the environmental management policy of the company.

  8. To promote among our supliers the fulfilment of the environmental management policy of the company.

  9. To promote the policies of animal welfare among the livestock suppliers of the company.

  10. To develope with our customers and suppliers logistic systems to minimize the use of unnecessary packaging.

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